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Malgosia E. Mahakali Ph.D., D.D. a former University Professor of Nursing in Europe & USA (1990-2016), is an internationally recognized leader in academics and health care, Independent Spiritual Scholar and Certified Soul Healer & Teacher.

Dr. Malgosia says: "I have taught thousands of students about the Art and Science of Nursing & Human Care. I have specialized in psycho-social, alternative & complementary therapies (CAM) because psychosomatic medicine has long recognized the inherent mind-body connection. Seeing the suffering of my patients and their families first hand, I have always been a strong advocate of including the heart and soul in the spectrum of care. Integral Theory says that each and every human experience contains of four interdependent quadrants: The bio-physical (1), social (2), psyche (3) and spiritual (4). Hence, our health care & healing approach needs to address this human life complexity via an holistic (all inclusive) approach. However only Ancient Spiritual Wisdom talks about the primacy of Soul over Matter, that is especially important when applied to health and healing.

Ancient Tao Wisdom explains the relationships of the Soul, Heart, Mind and Body as a sacred process: Soul leads Heart, Heart leads Mind, Mind leads Energy and Energy leads Matter (Body). In the view of the new Soul over Matter paradigm it is absolutely important to start any healing or transformation from the level of the Soul. This is where Spirituality meets Science. Quantum Physics totally supports the wisdom of Tao.

Master Zhi Gang Sha, founder of Soul Mind Body Medicine says: “Heal the Soul first, then healing of mind and body will follow”.

In my private practice I combine Sacred Spiritual Wisdom with Modern Professional Knowledge for Optimal Healing and Life Transformation results.

I invite you to learn and experience how the united wisdom and powers of soul, mind and body can heal and transform your life, health, finances, relationships, intelligence, and bring success to every aspect of your life.

Questions or Problems with Health, Life or Career?

Professional, Relationship, or Financial difficulties?

There may be blockages or repetitive patterns that are preventing you from enjoying life as you would wish. Relying on the body and mind only limits healing. For true integral healing the Soul must be equally valued.

Unlike modern knowledge focused on the body and mind, Ancient Spiritual Wisdom teaches us the primacy of the Soul over Mind and Body. Hence whatever the issue or problem, look first to the Soul for answers.

Dr. Malgosia, Certified Soul Healer & Teacher, is empowered to assist others on their spiritual and healing journey & can offer powerful Healing-Blessing services to remove Soul Mind Body Blockages which are the root cause of health and life issues.

Malgosia Ewa Mahakali applies her interdisciplinary knowledge, personal experience, and her spiritual authorization to offer Soul Healing to heal, empower and transform the life and health of individuals. Connect today and benefit from this wonderful modality.


Skype: dr.malgosia.ewa

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